Take a break from the mystical spaces, a moment to relax

写真:átoa Cafe


atoa cafe

A heavenly garden cafe stand to experience KOBE (sea and mountain).
You'll want to snap a photo of the food and drinks automatically.
A place of chill out for customers who have enjoyed átoa.

Customer Requests

  • Please wear a mask when using the cafe.

  • When waiting in line, please disinfect your fingertips with alcohol-based disinfectant.

  • Please keep your distance from other guests when waiting in line to ensure social distancing.

  • Please wear a mask except when eating or drinking, and refrain from talking in a loud voice.

  • Kobe Pork Ham and Double Cheese Hot Sandwich ¥750

  • Amazon Fish Sandwich ¥850

  • Otter Hug Potato Wedges
    Consomme ¥500
    Cheese ¥550
    Curry & Cheese ¥580

  • Rustling Shark
    Chile lemon ¥500
    Parmesan black pepper ¥500

  • Blue Fish Churro ¥580
    Red Fish Churro ¥580

  • MIYABI Soft-serve ¥600
    Rokko Honey Milk Soft-serve ¥580

  • Palm-sized Otter Buns ¥500

  • Otter Eclairs ¥550

  • Straw Cookie ¥300

  • Aquarium Bubble Fizzy Drink ¥680
    Aquarium Bubble Sour (alcoholic) ¥780

  • Cocoa ¥500
    Chai ¥500
    Cafe au lait(HOT/ICE) ¥500

*We may suspend sales of alcoholic drinks upon request from the government.

写真:Museum Shop

1FMuseum Shop


Offering quality museum goods, including caretaker-chosen stuffed animals and collaborative products with famous brand from Kobe and Hyogo Prefecture.

*The Museum Shop can also be accessed without visiting the aquarium

  • Realistic Humboldt penguin plush ¥3,300

  • Asian small-clawed otter plush ¥2,900

  • Spotted seal plush ¥3,500

  • Extra large spotted seal plush ¥30,000

  • Veiled chameleon plush with opening mouth ¥4,200

  • Bug-eating veiled chameleon plush ¥2,900

  • átoa Kobe Tea Blue Blend (7 teabags) ¥800

  • átoa Kobe Tea Flower Blend (7 teabags) ¥800

  • Kobe INK Monogatari átoa MARINE NOTE ¥2,550
    Kobe INK Monogatari átoa ELEMENTS ¥2,420
    Kobe INK Monogatari átoa SKY SHORE ¥2,420

  • átoa Sacucci Horocci (10 pieces) ¥1,100

  • átoa JIB Bucket Tote S ¥4,850

  • átoa JIB Puffer Fish Pouch ¥2,750

Business hours


*Last entry is 1 hour before closing