For Individuals

For Groups

Buy tickets and book entry times

àtoa doesn't require reservations on weekdays!
There are also 'same-day tickets' available. Tickets can also be purchased online in advance. Please note that on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and special days, admission is by designated date and time.

How to Purchase Tickets

You will be transferred to the reservation page if you press the Proceed to ticket purchase and reservation button. After selecting the date, time, and number of people, enter information about the person purchasing the tickets and be sure to continue to the Purchase Complete screen.


How to Pay

For bookings with Advance Payment, we accept credit card payments only.
For bookings with On-site Payment/Entrance Voucher, you can pay using your preferred payment method on the day of your visit.
We accept cash, credit cards, transportation IC cards, ID, Rakuten Edy, nanaco, WAON and QR code payment services (PayPay, auPAY, d-payment, etc.).


About Cancellation

Tickets cannot be cancelled once they have been reserved. Your understanding is appreciated.


How to Issue Tickets and Enter


After Reservation

An email will be sent to you after the purchase is complete. Be sure to keep this email as it contains your confirmation number.


Day of visit

On the day of your visit, kindly show the e-voucher at the "átoa 2nd floor Ticket Window" and receive a physical ticket in exchange.


There is no group pricing.

About Reservations for Groups of 20 or More

You can make a reservation for a group of 20 or more if you plan to purchase tickets all at once.

  • *Tour guides are free (Restrictions apply)
  • *Photographers are charged the general entry fee
  • We accept reservations as we receive them. We may ask you to change your entry time.

The following seasons are expected to be crowded. Please make your reservations early.
Weekdays from middle of February to early March, weekdays from middle of April to end of May, weekdays in October and November

How to Make a Group Reservation

To make a tentative reservation, download the form below and send the completed form via fax.
We will check the details of your form.
Your tentative reservation is complete when you receive a return fax.Please inform us of your reservation by a month before your visit date.
If you do not call, we may contact you for confirmation. Please understand this in advance.

Please read the Group Admission Guidelines (PDF)before applying for admission.

Reservation and Questions

For Certificate Holders (Only certificates in Japan are accepted.)

Discounts for Presenting a Disability Certificate will apply for customers with one of the following: a physical disability certificate, a mental disability certificate, or a rehabilitation certificate
Please fill out the Discounts for Presenting a Certificate form below and send with a paper reservation form for smooth reservation and entry.

Discounts for Presenting
a Certificate Form (PDF)

Travel Agency Coupons

You can use coupons from any of the following travel agencies as payment:

  • JTB
  • Meitetsu World Travel
  • KNT (Kintetsu Nippon Tourist)
  • Yomiuri Travel Service
  • HIS

Warnings When Visiting

  • Bringing Group Lunch, Food, or Drinks

    We do not offer any space for eating lunch. Your understanding is appreciated. Due to space limitations, please refrain from bringing lunches, food, or drinks inside the building. (bottled water is allowed)

  • About Re-entry

    Re-entry is generally not allowed.

  • Warnings

    Please keep all hands and objects out of tanks. Do not give food to any exhibit animals without permission.

  • About Camera Use

    You may take photos and videos while inside, but refrain from using flash. Please refrain from taking photos in a location that could obstruct other guests' view.

For Customers Requesting a Preview Visit

Please note that you would like a preview visit on the Group Entry Reservation Form. We cannot accept preview visits if they have not been reserved in advance.
Preview visits are limited to customers who already have a group reservation for a group of 20 or more. Only organizers (up to three people) will be granted free entry for preview visits. Any persons accompanying organizers will be charged for entry.
Tours will not be given by staff.

Hours for preview visits: from one hour after opening until one hour before close

Preview visits are not offered during chartered events, Golden Week or other busy seasons.